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Taos Burlesque LLC

Taos Burlesque LLC

The Taos Sirens

     Our mission is to establish connection and support for artists within the growing Burlesque scene in Taos New Mexico. We were established in January of 2015 by a few Burlesque performers who saw the need for unity within the community.  
     As more and more wonderful performers entered the stage; we saw the importance of fostering a spirit of camaraderie, appreciation and respect for one another and for the art of Burlesque.
     Brining together Burlesque artists in celebration and recognition of our uniqueness and gifts. We would love for anyone who is a Burlesque performer in the area to share their work, classes, performances etc.                 Anyone interested in beginning their Burlesque journey is welcomed and encouraged.  

Shimmy Shimmy and see you soon! Love and kisses, Taos Burlesque.