Serendipity Moon
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    Serendipity Moon is a dancer choreographer and director based in  Taos New Mexico.  She traveled to the land of enchantment on her motorcycle; escaping from a big east coast city where as a child she was passionate about gymnastics, horses, art and music. She began her dance career initially at a small private studio with further study at Peabody Institute for Performing Arts; studying Ballet, Modern and Jazz dance.  
     In Taos she continued her study of Dance with the legendary Bette Winslow and her daughters.  Serendipity performed with Kechari Dance Theatre in Taos for several years; Carol Knolte Dance Collective in Ny, Ny; and has graced a couple of local groups with her choreography and dancing.   She founded Taos Burlesque LLC in January of 2015 and is currently is directing, choreographing and performing with the Taos Sirens; and teaching classes and workshops at the Sundance Studio.
    When she is not dancing, Serendipity loves to spend time with her horses, and being on her magical property in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
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